Who are we? 

Three negroes. Three opinions. One podcast. 

NWAP, or Negroes With a Podcast, is a simple show with a simple premise: we’re Black people talking about Black topics which directly affect our community.

What do we discuss? 

We cover it all. Colin Kaepernick's protest. How to own and operate a Black business. What legislation America can push to stop the killing of unarmed Black men, women, and children by police officers. And whether Cardi B was really engaged to Offset. If it’s something Black and important, we’re either going to talk about it or we’ve already talked about it.

Who is on the show? 

The crew, @Smooth_Orator, @Taut_7, and @Lex_topia, represent many different parts of the Black experience. We obviously can’t cover everything, so, when it fits, we like to find other Black people to join our discussions as guests in order to provide more insight. Want to learn more about us? Click here.

Who is the target audience? 

We love everyone and we invite people from all backgrounds to listen; but it’s imperative to remember one thing-

This is a very “Black” show.

How "Black" is the show? 

James Brown, Black. Tying a durag after you brush your waves, Black. Jumping up and down in the store because Fenty makeup products FINALLY covers more than three shades of black women, Black.

But what if I'm not Black & I still want to listen? 

In 2016, Business Insider Australia called NWAP “one of the best podcasts you should be listening to right now.” They’re not liars. And neither are we.

We’re going to talk about things that you’ll probably find uncomfortable. They might even clash with some of the long held biases you may have. We offer perspectives, but we’re not here to change your mind.  We share a lot of knowledge and perspective on the show, there’s a benefit for you in that.

Either way, it can’t hurt to take a listen.

Ok, I'm interested. What do I do next? 

Follow us on our various social media accounts listed below. Check out our Youtube page to catch some of the live shows we’ve done. Lastly, to ensure you never miss a minute of what we’re doing, subscribe to our newsletter so you can get the best and brightest Black conversation to be found on the internet, directly into your inbox.

Welcome to NWAP.

We hope you enjoy the show.