S5 Ep9 Black Culture Commodified

In episode 9 we're back to our original format as we discuss things that have been happening in current events and pop culture. We also bring back 'Story Time with a Negro' and barbershop talk.

We kick off the episode as Garfield does STWAN. He attended his first Nigerian wedding and he's no longer an edible virgin. Next we discuss the gubernatorial debate with Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis. We also talk about the person who's been sending bombs through the mail to notable Democratic politicians and public vocal opponents of Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly was fired for her comments on blackface and why do her and her ilk always fail up.

Miley Cyrus apparently is now being cosigned by Theophilus London. While we were on the topic of White musicians who poach Black culture we pivoted towards Post Malone who said that genres in music don’t exist.

During barbershop talk we discuss the fight that occurred during the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets game and our feelings towards each player involved.

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Alexia Clincy